Letters are nothing without design(ers)

It was Gala Dinner and all of us were there: Adam Twardoch, Jean Franois Porchez, Erik Spiekermann and so on, so on, so on. “And nobody expects the Spanish inquisition”. And all of us devoted 5 min and 1 page to create his own letter. Here you can see the result.

Atypi 2006
Adam Twardoch Jean Franois Porchez Erik Spiekermann Vladimir Efimov Den Rhatigan Alexander Tarbeev Grieshaber Grieshaber Tagir Safaev Yves Peters Vera Efstafieva Oiga Nogra Marilla Ariel Alex Alexander Tarbeev Grieshaber Oiga Nogra Torben Viktor Kharyk Tiffany Wardle Rhawbert Ilya Ruderman Petr Henrique Henrick Cyrillic С Cyrillic К Sergey Bobryshev Letter h Elena Novoselova Letter g David L Letter f Letter E Letter d Cyrillic ч Vera Efstafieva Letter b Letter a Question mark ind Cyrillic ц Letter i Cyrillic ж Cyrillic В Cyrillic у Oiga Nogra Oiga Nogra Cyrillic п Cyrillic о Yello! Cyrillic Я Cyrillic н Letter M Elena Novoselova Vera Efstafieva Cyrillic к Cyrillic й Cyrillic и Kunstgoup Kunstgoup Kunstgoup Cyrillic ф Cyrillic ё Cyrillic е Elena Novoselova Alexandra Korolkova Letter O Letter M L.A. Letter i

We would like to thanks all for everything. Hope to c u in 2007!
Special thanks to Victor Kharyk.
Mail to: anette & currentmood.

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